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Bars and Restaurants

bars and restaurants

We've all headed to our favorite bar or restaurant to watch the big game. At Crimson AV we know how important it is to have a great view from every angle, this is why we offer mounting solutions for television monitors and projectors of every size. Whether your screens are moveable or embedded we offer an aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective solution for your venue.

Every patron should feel as if they have the best seat in the house, Crimson AV helps you make sure they do.



It takes an incredible amount of equipment to deliver a sharp, seamless production - let Crimson AV help you create the best possible broadcast. Our solutions for mounting video monitors and projectors are sturdy, functional and designed to withstand years of professional use.

Also available from Crimson AV: floor stands and carts, wall monitor mounts, ceiling and truss adaptors, extension pipes and connectors.



You need to command attention while in the conference room. Crimson AV understands that your audio visual equipment is integral to the success of your meetings and presentations. Our extensive line of industry leading mounts, carts, stands and projectors are the solution for your corporate media needs.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital signage requirements vary depending on size, location and many other factors. Let Crimson AV create the best mounting solution for your application! Our friendly staff of professional designers are well versed in using industry standard products as well as conceiving customized solutions.



Every year the role of technology in the learning environment increases. Create engaging presentations to be displayed on standard projectors, short throw projectors and TV monitors all secured by Crimson mounting solutions.

We understand that educational institutions often require mobility in their audio visual needs, Crimson AV makes it easy to get your equipment from point A to point B. A comprehensive offering of lightweight, durable and easy to maneuver Crimson carts are available for displays of all sizes.

The landscape of modern education may change from year to year, rest assured that your products and accessories from Crimson AV won't have to.

Entertainment Venues/Stadiums/Arenas

Entertainment Venues/Stadiums/Arenas

As host to tens of thousands of spectators you need screens and monitors of larger than life proportions. Crimson AV understands the challenges that come with large productions and is experienced in providing customized and standard mounting solutions for venues of all sizes.

Our professional designers will create a complete package to address all of your needs - from unique mounting surfaces and environments to long extension drops - we will formulate the most economical and safest options for your venue.

Health Care


Advanced, sophisticated technology is a necessity in your field; budget busting AV mounting solutions are not. With unique presentation requirements, Crimson AV has cost-effective wall, desktop and ceiling solutions for every application. Allowing our professional designers to focus on these needs helps you focus your time and budget on the more important things.

Home Entertainment


As entertainment areas become more prevalent in today's homes you can trust Crimson AV to provide mounting solutions for your every need. Living rooms, rec rooms, dens and home theaters now feature sophisticated entertainment areas enhanced to appeal to friends and family.

With a wide array of durable and aesthetically pleasing products in stock and ready to ship, Crimson AV has the solution for your home entertainment system. Simply use our online e-z mount finder, or speak with one of our friendly professional designers, to find the compatible mounting solution for small flat-panel monitors, large projection screens and every size in between.

An active member of CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association), Crimson AV is your leading resource for cost-effective, durable, functional and design friendly products. Whether you are the homeowner, dealer or installer, Crimson AV has the mounting solution you need.

Information Technology


The challenging field of Information Technology requires streamlined, compact solutions for all of your audio visual needs. Crimson AV specializes in innovative mounting solutions to help keep your work environment functional and organized.

Our professional design staff is experienced in integrating Crimson's durable and cost-effective mounting solutions into any office design. Mount your monitors, phone bank terminals and more with aesthetically pleasing customized product solutions from Crimson AV.



Your guests deserve all the comforts of home while staying at your hotel. Crimson AV can help update your decor and maximize space with our aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective mounting solutions.

We also offer an extensive line of industry leading mounts, carts, stands and projectors for areas used for corporate events.

Rental and Staging

Rental and Staging

Temporary sets require unique mounting solutions that are both portable and aesthetically pleasing. Crimson AV provides an extensive line of carts and stands to meet your needs for every show, event or short term production. Lightweight, durable and manageable Crimson mounting solutions ensure a successful production and store easily afterwards.



The security center is the information hub for your entire operation, an area where multiple monitors are a necessity. Crimson AV has top of the line mounting solutions for all adjustable and desktop monitor installations. The right equipment helps your security staff do their job the right way, everyday.