Pick the Right Mount for Your TV/Monitor


E-Z Mount Finder


Use E-Z Mount Finder tool to take the guess work out of determining which mount works with your TV. Simply type or select your TV/Monitor or Projector manufacturer and model number and you will be linked to a list of models that will work with your equipment.

Click on "Verify compatibility" button on the product page and enter the TV/Projector model to validate that the mount that you selected is compatible with your equipment.

TV/Monitor Size and Mounting Holes


Crimson mounts are classified into four size categories based on the diagonal measure of the flat panel TV screen. Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Small and most medium size TV's (37" and smaller) adhere to the VESA industry standard that specifies a standard hole pattern for attaching the mount to TV. Most TV's above 37" have a randomly spaced hole pattern for attaching the mount to TV. Crimson mounts adhere to the VESA standard as well as accommodate TV's that have a random mounting hole pattern. To take the confusion out of the selection process, we provide the "E-Z Mount Finder" tool on every Crimson Mounts web page. Simply select the manufacturer and model of your TV and E-Z Mount Finder will link you to all TV mounts that will work with your TV model.

Wall Mounts Functionality


Wall mounts come in three basic functionality categories. Low Profile Flat mounts are most basic and least expensive and get your TV closest to the wall. Tilt mounts allow you to tilt your TV up and down to adjust the vertical viewing angle. Full Motion or Articulating Multi-angle arms, pull out from the wall and let you vary the distance from the wall to TV as well as change both the vertical and horizontal viewing angles.

(Low Profile)
(Ultra-Low Profile)
Multi-Angle Arms
(Full Motion/Articulating)

If you want to get your TV as close to the wall as possible, then a Fixed wall mount may be the right choice. The TV hangs parallel to the wall in a fixed position. It is also the most economical way to hang your TV.

Specifically with the ultra thin TV's in mind, the Ultra Flat mounts place the TV/Monitor very close to the wall (approximately 1/3"). This type of installation enhances the flat "hanging picture" dynamic of a wall hung TV/Monitor.

Tilt up or down to adjust vertical viewing angle. The Tilt mounts are ideal in situations where the TV is mounted higher than eye level position.

Your TV can be pulled out, rotated side to side and tilted up or down to achieve an unlimited combination of viewing angles. Multi-Angle mounts are ideal for large rooms where the desired horizontal viewing angle needs to be adjusted periodically.

Pitfalls to Avoid During Installation


Improper Hardware Used


Make sure to use the included Crimson hardware or optional accessories for a safe and proper installation.

Wood fasteners included with each Crimson product are intended for safe installation to structural wood studs or beams for wall and ceiling mounting applications. Wood screws used in conjunction with included plastic concrete anchors are for use in wall applications in concrete or cinder block structural walls. Never use wood screws either with or without plastic anchors for installing to drywall directly or to metal studs.

For metal stud installation of wall mounts, toggler fasteners must be used (Crimson HT accessories). Metal stud installation is recommended into 20 gage studs. Minimum metal stud thickness should be at least 25 gage. Refer to individual product manual to make sure that metal stud installation is allowed.

Failure to Locate Center of Stud or Joist


It is absolutely crucial that the center of a wood stud or joist is located for proper and safe installation. Use of stud finder is required for wood studs located behind drywall. Do not install directly into drywall!

Improper Pilot Hole Size


For a safe installation and to prevent damage to the installation hardware, refer to the product owner's manual for the correct diameter and depth of the pilot hole required to be drilled. Always pre-drill pilot holes for wood stud installation.

Installation Surfaces


Installer must verify that mounting structure is strong enough to withstand at least 4 times the specified load rating for the mount used.

Wood Studs or Joists


Use of stud finder is required to locate center of stud. Location of mounting holes must be in the center of the stud for proper and safe installation. It is recommended that 3 studs are used for larger screens where wall plate is wide enough to span 3 studs. Pilot hole size must be drilled to the specified diameter and depth on the product owner's manual.

Concrete and Cinder Block Walls


Crimson mounts that can be installed on concrete or cinder block walls come with concrete anchors. Refer to product owner's manual for correct pilot hole diameter and depth for proper and safe installation. Concrete walls construction must be a minimum of 2000psi concrete.

Metal Stud Walls


Use HT toggler fastener packs for metal stud installations. A minimum of 25 gage thick metal stud is required for wall mount installations. 20 gage metal stud thickness is recommended. Refer to individual product manual to make sure that metal stud installation is allowed.

Concrete Ceiling


To install into concrete structures, installer must be certain that the structure can withstand at least 4 times the load for which the mount is rated. Use of HE expansion bolt hardware packs should be used for such installations. Concrete must be at least 2000psi.

Unistrut, Truss and Beam


Use Crimson CA ceiling adapters for the proper mounting surface. Refer to product manual for proper methods of installation. For unistrut installation, use HU hardware packs to attach mount to unistrut(s). Refer to unistrut documentation for proper attachment of unistruts to structural surface.